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There are times when you need free tax services and that’s completely fine. There are a lot of places that provide tax assistance without any charges. The only thing to keep in mind that not all services are available to everyone. Some of them are offered to taxpayers with a certain eligibility. Forgetting tax services, one needs to match certain criteria and then get your taxes filed for free.

Places To Get Free Tax Services:

The IRS website: Well, the IRS website has a pool of information about various taxation issues, queries, and their solutions. The informative site offers complete details on how to file tax returns, minimize deductions for individuals and businesses, taxation rules, common errors made during tax file returns and much more. You can download all kinds of tax application forms here and check last dates of paying taxes, filing returns etc. Therefore, when you need such information you don’t need to hire a tax services provider in Austin, just visit the IRS website and get all details.

Free File: Another source of free tax services offered again by the IRS in collaboration with the private tax software suppliers. This service is offered to those people/businesses that have income within a definite threshold. Here, a software sets up the tax returns for you and 80% of all taxpayers can use this service. The online software is expert in filing tax returns for free and charges only for people that have income above the predefined threshold. A word of caution here is that any small error like entering wrong details can generate flawed tax records. Therefore, you need to be careful about it and may show the final tax file to a tax expert in Austin.

Volunteer Income Tax assistance and Counseling: This kind of tax service is designed especially for low-income earners, senior citizens, and military groups. It offers every detail including the free tax file returns, tips to resolve unpaid taxes, free advice and tax preparation services to people that qualify for it. To know the nearest center for the service, you can check the IRS website and get help.

IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center: When you need one on one consultation and free tax advice straight from the IRS then you can visit their centers located in your city. Details of the assistance center near you can be obtained from the IRS website. You can call on its toll-free number for the details.

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