Escobar & Associates is a tax consulting firm specializing in tax negotiating and debt resolution

Make your tax problems, our problem.

Escobar & Associates is a Texas-based tax negotiating and consulting firm with offices in Austin and San Antonio, Texas. We are a well-established, qualified and certified tax consulting organization that continues to successfully aid clients, large and small, nationally and internationally in remedying there tax problems.

If you recently received an IRS notice, please know that you don’t have to go this journey alone.

Tax and debt crises are urgent matters, which must be handled in a timely situation. You can’t wait, as your future credit and money is dependent upon you resolving this predicament. The IRS has time deadlines for taking certain actions and you must act within the specified time limit in order to protect your financial future.

Over 80% of our business is IRS Negotiations

Don’t let the IRS intimidate you. Our firm is dedicated to assisting you through this crucial and complicated time. Each type of tax crisis requires a different method of resolution. Escobar & Associates can help you navigate through the IRS terminology and paperwork until your tax crisis is successfully resolved. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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